How does it work?


The next information and rules define:
- how to participate in the activities of the club and to the challenges;
- how the winners are declared and how redeem the prizes;
- a whole series of informations on the behavior to hold.

To take part in a challenge it’s necessary to be registered and to have an active “Player Pass” (subscription).

Each challenge is linked to a videogame and it’s linked to one or more platforms (XBOX, PlayStation, PC, Android, iOS).

Each challenge has some characteristics that define the goal to achieve. The goal is showed in the challenge page under the "Challenge" point. If the challenge is in the challenge list you can participate.

Each challenge has a "challenge state”:
- New challenge;
- Seen challenge;
- On going challenge;
- Won challenge;
- Lost challenge.

You need to upload a photo in the challenge page, that show clearly that you have achieved the challenge goal.

To win a challenge you need not only to reach the goal required, but you also have to do it quickly.

Each challenge has a maximum number of winners, which can be different from challenge to challenge. The fastest ones will receive a number of points related to their position of participation. The goal is achieved only if the photo is comply with that described.

The time and date of participation will be taken by the system in the moment which you have sent the photo. Both the submission date and the photo will be visible to other users if you are one of the winners.

The challenge will be closed when the maximum number of winners is reached or the challenge time will be expired.

The challenge control time may vary, we will always try to do as soon as possible.

The photos and the winner’s nickname will be showed in the winners challenge list.

You or other users may impugn the authenticity of the photos.

If we’ll receive a request for verification by one or more users, other checks will be carried out and other verification photos may be requested depending also from the challenge type and related goals.

You earn points winning the challenges.

The points can be used to redeem prizes in the rewards page.

The redeemed Gift Cards will be sent as digital codes directly in e-mail.

If you have special requests or suggestions for rewards write it in the form that you find in the “contacts” section.

Respect the rules of the Club
Respect others.
Do not cheat.
Do not use tricks.
Do not modify the photographic evidence.
Winning by cheating is like a loser.
Nobody likes to lose, the secret is not to give up.
Do not throw the pad against the TV or the monitor, even if it’s your stuff we will be sorry to know that you’ve damaged something, maybe aim at the wall or the floor, but do not forget to ask permission first to the owner.

  • Respect the rules and the users of CLUB PLAYER ONE*;

  • Do not cheat means that you will not have to retouch, make up or modify the photo evidence;

  • Who will be caught cheating once will lose the points won until then;

  • Who will be caught cheating a second time in addition to lose all points won until that time will have the login access blocked for 1 month;

  • Who will be caught cheating a third time will be banned from CLUB PLAYER ONE* and will be permanently blocked;

  • Do not attempt to tamper with the site in any way.

  • Used the site correctly with the tools that the site provides you. If you find inaccuracies, errors or bugs inform us, we will solve them.

*CLUB PLAYER ONE means the site and all its contents.

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